How to create a dictionary app in React

Ateev Duggal
2 min readJan 2, 2022


Dictionary App in React

Dictionary App is one of the apps that can be made to test out React skills before upgrading ourselves from a beginner to an intermediate level in terms of handling API calls and Handling React Components.

In this app, we will make a Dictionary App which will contain meanings, examples, synonyms, and antonyms with the pronunciation of the searched word through an API.

Before we begin, let’s have a glance at what we will be making.


  1. Creating our App — Dictionary App in React
  2. Working on the UI part of our app
  3. Using hooks for
  4. State Management
  5. Doing API calls
  6. Creating Components based on API calls
  7. Select Component
  8. Definition Component
  9. Example Component
  10. Synonym Component
  11. Antonym Component
  12. Audio Component

Let’s begin…

Step I — Creating our App — Dictionary App in React

We can easily create our React App using the npx create-react-app command by navigating to our React directory.

npx create-react-app dictionary-app-in-react

For this to work, we should have the latest versions of npm and node installed in our systems

Step II — Working on the UI part

As for the UI part, this app will be divided into two sections

  1. Searching the meanings of a specific word using API
  2. Result of that API call like meanings, examples, synonyms, etc

Visit the official website for the full and free code —



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