How I made my portfolio in React

  1. Dividing the whole app into components makes it easier to handle and debug
  2. Using data dynamically and not hard-coding it.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Creating the React App
  3. Explaining the Structure of App
  4. Working on Components
  5. Data Component
  6. Hero Component
  7. About Component
  8. Services Component
  9. Projects Component
  10. Contact Component

Getting Started

What we will learn?

  1. How to write cleaner code in React
  2. How to make reusable components to increase the efficiency of our app
  3. How to print different types of data dynamically — data includes strings, font-awesome icons, styles, links, and bootstrap classes

Creating the React App — Portfolio in React



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Ateev Duggal

Ateev Duggal

I am a front-end developer from India with over one year of experience in freelancing with skills like Git, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4&5, and React.